Common Programs Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse

David W. Neswald, M.A. M.F.C.C. in collaboration with Catherine Gould, Ph.D. and Vicki Graham-Costain, Ph.D. The California Therapist, Sept./Oct. 1991, 47-50

Increasingly, cases of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) are being reported in the psychotherapeutic community. Though controversy concerning authenticity remains, such cases are slowly gaining in acceptability as a genuine social and psychopathological phenomenon. Concurrently, the etiological underpinnings and treatment demands of these special patients are being unraveled and understood as never before. As a result, it is becoming increasingly clear that perhaps the most demanding treatment aspects of such cases concern the problems posed by what is known as “cult programming.”

Common Programs Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse

Mind Control experiments on children, Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport is a distinguished investigative reporter and the author of AIDS, INC. He can be found inhabiting the late night airwaves of KPFK radio in Los Angeles and lecturing at the Hardware Humanitarian House in Santa Monica, California. Reprinted from Perceptions magazine, Issue 11, Sept./Oct. 1995.

The CIA mind-control apparatus has been well known since 1975, when 10 large boxes of documents were released pursuant to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Mind Control experiments on children


“Building The Manchurian Candidate”, Colin A. Ross

By research at the medical school library, ordering out-of-print books, and requests filed through the Freedom of Information Act, I have built up compelling documentation of the fact that the CIA and military intelligence agencies have been creating multiple personality experimentally, and using these subjects in courier and infiltration operations.

Dr Colin A. Ross, M.D., 1999

Building The Manchurian Candidate

Ritual Abuse & Torture in Australia ASCA

Een document van Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) over ritueel misbruik in Australië (Engelstalig document), tegenwoordig Blue Knot Foundation.

Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) is a national organisation dedicated to the needs of all survivors of child abuse. ASCA aims to empower survivors and to dispel the myths and misinformation about child abuse in our society.
ASCA provides a combination of services specifically designed for survivors of childhood trauma – support (self-help and therapeutic), education and advocacy.

Lees Ritual Abuse & Torture in Australia

Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century, James R. Noblitt and Pamela Perskin

ritual-abuse-in-the-twenty-first-century“Noblitt and Perskin have brought together, in this one book, important writings from two dozen international, multidisciplinary team members. They are experts on the psychological, forensic, social and political consequences and ramifications of ritual abuse.” “The book explores cross-cultural reports of abusive ritual life threatening abusive ordeals, a redefining of the confusion of language toward the end of moving toward a greater clarity and uniformity in terminology, and an informed discussion of available literature regarding international reports of abuse.” “Diagnosis, controversy, cult brain washing, satanic abuse, police and media handling, prayer, inner healing, patterns in mind control, and therapy are also discussed in detail.” “I found the case studies to be insightful, informational, and helpful. The work is thoroughly researched and well documented” “This is a book that should be read by mental health workers, pastors, professional counselors, political leaders, and concerned laymen.”

Door Richard R. Blake.

ISBN 9781934759127

A consolidation of SRA and FALSE MEMORY DATA, James Quan

Het wel of niet bestaan van cults die ritueel seksueel geweld praktiseren is nog steeds een onderwerp van debat. De Amerikaanse onderzoeker James Quan heeft in 1996 al alle argumenten van beide partijen en de gegevens waarop zij hun conclusies baseren tegenover elkaar gezet en kritisch besproken.

Hoewel het naar de mening van het Alternatief Beraad nog steeds het beste artikel over dit onderwerp is wat ons bekend is, blijkt ook in beroepskringen vrijwel niemand het te kennen. Wellicht omdat het nooit in druk is gepubliceerd en de belangstelling de laatste 10 jaar in deze kringen ook sterk is verminderd. Daarom: een aanrader dit stuk voor allen die beroepshalve wel eens met mogelijke slachtoffers van ritueel geweld in aanraking komen of kunnen komen.

A Consolidation of SRA and false memory

The Forensics of Sacrifice: A Symbolic Analysis of Ritualistic Crime, Dawn Perlmutter

Dawn Perlmutter is Director of the institute for Research of Organized & Ritual Violance.

Let op!
In dit boek komen teksten voor die schokkend kunnen zijn en tot dissociëren kunnen leiden. Mensen die zich zelf slachtoffer weten van cultgeweld en niet zeker weten of zij volledig los zijn van de cult doen er verstandig aan dit artikel niet te openen buiten de aanwezigheid van een steungevende, liefst deskundige vertrouwenspersoon.

The forensics of sacrifice